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Yakima, WA

3720 W Washington Ave
Yakima, WA 98903

Frequently Asked Questions

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How many years of experience does United Painting have?

Founded originally by his father in the early 80's, in Kona, HW. Landon Wilkinson reopened the company in 2012.

What kinds of work do you tackle?

We are capable of handling the following projects:
1. Interior/Exterior Residential, multifamily, and commercial Painting projects in scale from 1000-100,000+ sq ft. floor plans. Both repaints and new construction.
2. Industrial and commercial coatings projects, for water storage reservoirs and tanks.
3. Small to mid-sized drywall repair/install, and light interior framing and carpentry.
4. Small stucco repair and patching.
5. Exterior and interior wood finishing and stain.
6. Handyman services.

Do you have case studies of past successful projects?

Yes, these can be provided upon request.

Does United Painting have a project minimum?

While we don't possess hard standards for project minimums, we may refer you to a contractor who can better serve you if the project is too small for us.

How can I get a consultation and quote for my project?

The fastest and most simple way to engage is to schedule a virtual consultation with Landon, or if you are a GC looking for a project proposal please email plans to